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Digital Producer

Your Majesty is looking for an ambitious
Digital Producer to join us in Amsterdam. 

Full-time · Amsterdam · No recruiters

At Your Majesty, we believe that the future is brought closer when curious minds come together to find out what great work is all about. Our producers make each team greater than the sum of its parts and they are an integral part of making the journey feel as rewarding as the destination.

Producing at Your Majesty

Producers are the ones that make things happen by uniting curious people around challenging problems. With their love for creative problem solving and stellar project management skills, they shepherd their teams from A to Z in their pursuit of project excellence and client satisfaction.

As a digital producer, you work together with our discipline directors to translate our clients’ needs into pragmatic roadmaps and cast the right teams to get the job done. You are the red thread through each project and keep a keen eye on project scope, timelines, client communications, team productivity, and happiness throughout the entire journey.

When you’re not working on projects, you contribute to the knighthood’s collective betterment by exploring ways to improve our workflows and ensuring everyone is working better together.

Your qualifications show... 

  • You have 2+ years of experience helping people create their best work and solving client challenges as a digital producer or project manager.
  • You love putting together multidisciplinary teams according to project needs and then managing them.

  • You are passionate about all things digital and interactive. You know how to apply this to add value to projects and teams.
  • You manage multiple projects and engagements simultaneously and successfully deliver on time.
  • You have experience with digital project scoping, budgeting, P&L, proposals, SOW’s, and project planning.
  • You are a Google Docs and documentation expert and love to work with Keynote/Google Slides and get excited about giving presentations.
  • You have good knowledge of standard project management software and toolsets, and you get excited about experimenting with new methods.
  • You quickly build a good relationship with clients and know how to be professional yet easy-going with both individuals and teams.
  • You write and communicate effectively in all forms (writing, speaking, presenting).
  • You are all for using the strengths and weaknesses of different project management methods (i.e., Waterfall or AGILE) to get the job done.

Bonus points:

We’d find it a bit extra exciting if you have had any of the following... 

  • Experience as a digital product manager.

  • Extra-curricular interest in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

  • Experience/interest in content production, i.e. film/audio/animation.

  • Experience/interest in digital marketing tools.

  • Experience/interest in design tools.

  • Experience/interest in group dynamics and facilitation.

Now, suppose you are equally at home, solving challenges with your team, and are excited about providing solutions to your clients and partners. In that case, we welcome you with open arms (and for now with 1,5m in between).

Unite the Curious

to Shape the Future of Work

At Your Majesty, we believe that the future is brought closer when curious minds come together to find out what great work is all about. We seek out individuals with whom we want to create working environments where everyone feels in control of their life’s path—a place where they can develop themselves and their craft, apply it on the highest level and build fulfilment worth a lifetime.

We take pride in everything that we do:

  • Design consultancy for ambitious organisations and brands.
  • End-to-end digital production for every interface.
  • Products and services that fulfils our curious selves and empowers our craft.
  • Thought leadership that moves design and technology forward.

We care about chivalry, courtesy, and excellence. We are honoured to work with some of the world’s most pioneering brands — including Los Angeles Lakers, Airbnb, Samsung, and adidas (to name a few) — and to get to create our own products and services — such as our latest venture, Aitrak.

We’re located in the heart of Amsterdam. Our knighthood is a collective of enthusiastic, inventive, and talented Dames and Knights from uniquely different backgrounds, united in the love of all things digital and beyond.

We look forward to getting to know you better.